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North Peace Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

Bernese Mtn Dog Rescue in Canada


I am thankful for this wonderful breed.

Sanctuary Bernese Mountain Dogs

Welcome Rosie to NPBMDRS. Rosie will not be available for adoption as she has hip dysplasia and currently doing extensive canine hydrotherapy treatments. We are looking for a sponsor for this special girl. please email us for further

Welcome "Brooklyn" ADOPTED

Welcome "Maddy" to NPBMDRS. She is not available for adoption. She is going to be staying in Sanctuary as she is very bonded to Harley and has some medical needs. We are looking for a sponsor for this sweet angel

Welcome "Sarah" to NPBMDRS. Sarah is three years old and was diagnosed with Sebaceous Adenitis which is a rare skin disease that is not common in the breed. she reuires a special diet and daily medication. She is a very hyper girl and a typical bernese which loves to have her body close to you and always wanting attention. Due to Sarahs medical needs she is part of the Sanctuary.

Welcome " Harley" to NPBMDRS. Harley come to rescue with Maddy they are in sanctuary and not available for adoption. We are looking for a sponsor for this handsome man.

Welcome "Bailey" to NPBMDRS. Bailey is six years old spayed and up to date on all vaccines and microchipped. We are looking for an experienced bernese home for her as she is a very hyper girl. No home with young children and no small dogs. she has bee with us for many years due to her extensive training and she needs a very experienced person.